In the web hosting field, cloud architecture means using different web servers for each and every service that's a part of the internet hosting service. In other words, your files, databases and emails will not run on the exact same machine, but on separate ones. Such a setup results in higher uptime and superior overall performance because only a single type of system processes will work on the server, so the system resources will be utilized as well as possible. Many companies nowadays advertise their cloud services, but what they provide is not true cloud architecture for the reason that the web hosting control panels they use are not designed to work on anything different from an individual server. If everything is run on one machine, a problem with a single service may take the whole server offline. In this light, if you are looking for cloud hosting, you should verify if the service you will get is truly a cloud one or if it is a marketing trick.

Genuine Cloud Architecture in Cloud Web Hosting

The shared web hosting service that we provide employs a true cloud platform and you will be able to use its full potential and experience its advantages from the in-house built Hepsia Control Panel, which was designed specifically for it. We have clusters of servers handling each and every part of the Internet hosting service including, but not limited to files, stats, databases, Control Panel, email messages, etcetera, so you will practically not experience any downtime of your websites even for maintenance. The system resources available will be virtually unlimited because we can add more hard disk drives for extra space and / or whole servers for more processing power to each of the clusters if needed. In case you get one of our shared internet hosting plans, you will use a very fast, stable and reliable hosting service on a real cloud platform.